The Thirsty Artist

The artist is thirsty, but for what? This comedy short was played in City Shorts Film Festival 2018, and at Bernal Heights Film Festival 2018, both in SF. 

Another day in san francisco

The best of intentions don't necessarily produce favorable outcomes. This slap stick comedy will keep you on your toes, with your hands on your wallet. Premiered at City Shorts Film Festival 2018, SF.


An autobiographical snippet shot in 25 minutes. 

The Heist

iA mockumentary about a fictitious Hitchcock film and the plot to steal the raw footage. "The Heist" premiered at Festival of the Moving Image 2018 at the Roxie, SF. 

Sk8 Like a Girl

A sample of my editing work. Sk8 Like a Girl chronicles three young skaters, who happen to be girls.