Hailey Malaika 

Olympia Clarke


   Malaika is a painter, comedian & filmmaker residing in San Francisco. She earned a BA in Art from UCSC in 2008, and is continuing her studies in Film at CCSF. 


   Having grown up running barefoot in a small canyon town in Southern California, Malaika's bond with nature has often steered her life path. At a young age her family was involved in saving a large forest of live oak trees. She attributes this early victory to fueling her journey as an activist in the fight to preserve the natural world. 


In 2011, her passion for the earth led her to create the "Dirty Trashy Mamas" who toured west coast festivals making sculptures/performance art out of garbage. In 2013 she joined forces to create a bottle boat with Nicaraguan traveling art crew "Come Cuando Hay". 


   She is equally fond of making others laugh,  which has led her to explore communicating through stand-up, comedy writing, clowning, dance and short films. In her experience communicating through comedy, and conceptual art are the smoothest vehicles for exchanging hard to swallow-ideas. 


   The bold choice of colors in her paintings and unapologetically feminine subjects reflect her wild nature. An indominable feminist, her hand is guided to spread goddess worship in public spaces, often in the form of large abstracted vulvas. Keeping the patriarchy on it's toes is a full time job! 


   Art has always been a personal form of healing and she loves to share this alchemistic process. She has volunteered as an art teacher for homeless children, at title one schools across the west coast, and on her world travels.  

   Her visual art is currently on display at Azul Art Venue in Blue River Oregon for the Summer and Fall season. Malaika is available for commissions, murals and one on one creative counseling to help you through your creative blocks.