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    Hailey Malaika Olympia Clarke (HMOC) is a multimedia visual and performance artist. She grew up in rural Trabuco Canyon, California. In 2008 she received a BA in Fine Arts with a Focus in Painting from UCSC. Currently she is based in San Francisco.
    Her connection to nature was forged at a young age. When a live oak forest was threatened by development in their hometown, her family wrote and performed a protest song to preserve the trees. Their creative efforts combined with concerted pressure, the forest was saved and remains protected to this day. This early success was a catalyst which continues to inspire her work. 
    In her young adulthood, HMOC had a life altering trip to Thailand. Amid a tour of painting murals and studying temple art, she was in a life altering car wreck. Ejected from the vehicle, her body was caught on the edge of a precipice by a tree, her right humerus shattered. She finished her time in Southeast Asia completing murals with her left (untrained) hand and dove into the healing potential of art and her body.
      HMOC began working in the zero waste industry shortly after moving to San Francisco in 2008. Her eyes were opened to the mountains of waste that end up in landfills. She longed to inspire change concerning what she calls society’s ‘trash shadow'. In 2011 while diving for litter in the Feather River, she envisaged Dirty Trashy Mamas, a conceptual arts group whom crafted impromptu sculptures and performance art pieces out of found festival garbage. The response was tremendous. The experience reaffirmed to her that comedy, dance and visual art were successful modes of communication. It was possible to encourage sustainable actions within herself and her audience through creativity. 
    A favorite medium of HMOC's which incorporates many others is filmmaking. Her comedic short films have premiered at Bernal Heights Film Festival, Festival of the Moving Image and City Shorts Film Festival.  She has worked as a PA for Last Black Man in San Francisco, Bloody Maria Series and Shameless Photography. She loves filming music videos for her longtime partner.
    HMOC has volunteered as an arts educator for several non-profits including Micah's Way, Common Vision and Gallery Route One’s Artists in Schools program. She loves supporting people of all ages in the pursuit of unrestricted expression as a creative consultant.
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